Johnson County District Attorney’s Office Online Traffic Diversion

Please wait three (3) business days from the date of citation before attempting the online diversion process.

This system does not currently support Internet Explorer. You must use another browser that is supported such as FireFox or Google Chrome.

You may still contact the DA's office to discuss participating in the Traffic Diversion program.
Please contact the traffic diversion line: by phone @ 913-715-3011 (Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 4 PM) or by email @ .

Traffic Diversion Overview

The District Attorney’s Online Traffic Diversion Program gives you an opportunity to take care of your ticket without going to court. Successful completion of diversion will result in the dismissal of your ticket. You will not receive email notification of diversion completion.

Please wait three (3) business days from the date of citation before attempting the online diversion process.

You may still call the District Attorney’s Office Traffic Diversion Unit at 913-715-3011 to inquire about Diversion or other options for resolving your ticket without going to Court. If you leave a voicemail, be sure to leave your name as it appears on the citation and your call back number.

Required Information

Please ensure you have the following information to proceed to the online traffic diversion portal.

The following items are all required:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Email
  • Daytime phone number

One of the following items is required:


When entering into your diversion agreement, you acknowledge that:

  • You are waiving your right to a trial.
  • You are waiving your right to an attorney unless you have personally retained one.
  • You have read the diversion agreement and hereby agree to the terms.

The diversion fee and court costs must be paid in full at the time of entering the diversion agreement. You will be charged an additional 2.4% convenience fee based on the total owed.

If the Online Diversion process is completed less than 2 weeks before your scheduled court date, you must appear in court or check to confirm that your hearing was cancelled.

The Johnson County District Attorney's Office reserves the right to decline online payment(s) for any ticket.

Please contact the Traffic Diversion Unit at 913-715-3011 during business hours if you experience any online payment problems or have any questions about online ticket payment.

Not all traffic offenses are eligible for our online diversion program. To begin with determining your eligibility for the online traffic diversion program, please answer the following questions:

I acknowledge that I am the defendant charged with the citation or the attorney representing the defendant.

Do you hold a commercial driver's license (CDL)?

Have you been convicted or received a diversion on the same offense in the last six (6) months in any jurisdiction?

Please enter one of the following:




Please verify the above information is accurate before proceeding.

So that the Johnson County District Attorney's office may contact you regarding your diversion, if necessary, please provide current contact information. In order to automatically receive a copy of your diversion agreement and invoice, a valid email address must be provided. Contact information provided here will be used to update the contact information in the Johnson County District Attorney's office files for the person listed above.

Is this you?

You do not qualify for the online diversion program but you may still be eligible for diversion. Please contact the traffic diversion line: by phone @ 913-715-3011 (Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 4 PM) or by email @ .

Diversion Fees

In The District Court Of Johnson County

Traffic Department

State of Kansas,



Case No

Division M2


Traffic Diversion Agreement

This diversion agreement is effective this , between the District Attorney of the Tenth Judicial District of the State of Kansas (State) and the above-named Defendant. The Defendant agrees to voluntarily accept the terms and abide by the conditions of this agreement, in consideration of which the State agrees to refrain from prosecuting the Defendant for the following months for the following charges(s): . The State also agrees to dismiss with prejudice the above stated charge(s) upon successful completion of all terms of this agreement.

The Defendant agrees to comply with the following conditions of Diversion. The Defendant shall:

  1. Not violate the laws or ordinances including traffic of any jurisdiction.
  2. The Defendant shall maintain valid insurance and registration for the entire term of diversion.
  3. Pay Diversion Fee: (DA Trust Account) and Court Costs: (Clerk of the District Court). Defendant is not on diversion until the above stated fees are paid in full.
  4. Current address on file: . Notify the Diversion Case Manager in writing within 7 days of any change to address or phone number.
  5. Provide to Diversion Case Manager within 90 days, proof of completion of the following conditions:

All correspondence can be emailed to Diversion Case Manager at [email protected] or mailed to DA Traffic Diversion, P.O. Box 728, Olathe, KS 66051. Please include your case number on all correspondence.


I, Defendant, by signing this Diversion Agreement do hereby waive all of my rights to a speedy trial. I further agree that criminal proceedings associated with the above captioned case will be stayed for the duration of this diversion agreement. I understand and agree that if I violate the terms and conditions of this agreement, the above stated charge(s) will be reinstated and this case will proceed to trial based solely upon the record of the stipulation of facts. The facts stipulated to are those contained in the citation and any associated police reports regarding the above stated charge(s). The Defendant further stipulates that he/she is the Defendant and the citation occurred in Johnson County, Kansas. Defendant affirms he/she has fully disclosed to the Diversion Case Manager all pending traffic citations in any jurisdiction that have occurred since the issuance of the above stated charge(s). Failure to disclose such information shall be grounds for revocation. The State shall have thirty (30) days from the end of diversion to discover violations which occurred during the diversion term and to file a motion to revoke this agreement thereon.

By clicking the Accept button, you are signing and agreeing that you are the above named defendant or their legally authorized representative and are entering into a legally binding contract with the above listed conditions.

Payment Information

Total Balance: